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Introduce Yourself

Coursequest 1

1. Hutmate 1: Website Evaluation

2. SBA 1: Basic XHTML

3. SBA 2: Advanced XHTML

4. Project 1: LITEhouse Award Nomination

5. Hutmate 2: Awards Discussion

Coursequest 2

Hutmate 3: Webmaster Interview

Hutmate 4: Project Plan

Project 2: Teddy Bear Daycare

Coursequest 3

SBA 3: Scripting and Usability

Hutmate 7: Content Analysis

Project 3: Action Plan

Introduce Yourself

Author: Kevin E Brooks
Posted: 8/25/2005 8:54:51 AM
Subject: kevin e. brooks

hello. this will be my third online course (second from Dr. Johnson) and i have to say that i love them. i tend to get so much more out of them than sitting through the traditional classroom lecture stuff AND i don't have to drive to Indy for class!! (bonus!)

if all goes as planned, i will finish my MLS next summer. i have concentrated on information technology (although i have not committed to that extra coursework to get the tech mgt cert) and want to continue working as a science/health science/medical librarian if i can. but i want the flexibility to work in IT or archives if need be. i have been involved with computers and programming since 1981 when i learned to build a FOR NEXT loop on an old RadioShack TRS-80 and save it to a cassette tape (floppies and mice?? what were those??). i am glad to see so many Apple addicts here- i have been a long-time advocate and love my 12" powerbook (who was it that posted something about that??) but am upset that IUPUI is now making us Mac users spend $30 on some tunnelling software so we can use the wireless network on campus.

i have a BS in psychology, an MA in history (medieval & early America), and i had started an MA/PhD in counseling psychology but discontinued it half way through.

i currently work at Ball State University managing their Science-Health Science Library. i am in an odd situation in that i have been made professional/contract faculty status but don't have my MLS yet...

i've really been looking forward to this class and know this will be a productive and interesting semester.

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date: 2 September 2005
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