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L571 CourseWork Brooks


L571 Resources:




Introduce Yourself

Coursequest 1

1. Hutmate 1: Website Evaluation

2. SBA 1: Basic XHTML

3. SBA 2: Advanced XHTML

4. Project 1: LITEhouse Award Nomination

5. Hutmate 2: Awards Discussion

Coursequest 2

Hutmate 3: Webmaster Interview

Hutmate 4: Project Plan

Project 2: Teddy Bear Daycare

Coursequest 3

SBA 3: Scripting and Usability

Hutmate 7: Content Analysis

Project 3: Action Plan

Hutmate 4: Project 2 Plan

Description of Website

Discussion of primary and secondary audiences

Ĩ Discussion of a needs assessment. The results of a needs assessment incorporating at least one of the following tools: survey, interview, case study, observation, data, and/or testing.Ĩ Discussion of website purpose and goals.ĨExplanation of unique contribution of website.Ĩ Description of the essential, special, dynamic, interactive, and duplicate content elements.Ĩ Inspiration Diagram

created by: kevin e. brooks
date: 24 October 2005
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