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L595: Flashlight 3

Project Plan: Hey Diddle Diddle

Hey Diddle Diddle SWF File
Hey Diddle Diddle FLA File

I wanted to create something simple yet fun and useful. My son loves the rhyme for Hey Diddle Diddle and, after looking at some of the other projects, thought it was short enough to do adequately and yet produce something I could actually use at home.

I knew I could incorporate buttons with action scripting in them to change pages and get the cow to move over the moon by dragging it. I also knew the little dog laughing and the dish running away with the spoon could work, too. The cat and the fiddle is a little homage to Terry Gilliam's animations from Monty Python.

I would like to get the cow being dragged over the next page button to activate the next page button- but I could not get any of the code I tried to work so I gave it up for now. I also want to add my own voice reading the text on each screen. That should not be too difficult.

My son has seen it now and thought it was great. He's only 2 but his eyes got big as I saw him recognize his favorite rhyme- even though he could not read it, he knew what the pictures meant!

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