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L595: Flashlight 4

Project Plan: Television

Television SWF File
Television FLA File

It came to me: I can create a television interface to allow people to change the channels to get to the various parts of this assignment! I was originally envisioned a dial that would play the various media depending upon its orientation. I soon came to realize how ambitious that was and tried another tack: buttons.

I then added an animation of a screen filled with static and began trying to get things to work. The project thus presented is as far as I have been able to figure out. I seem to have had trouble in understanding layering or something because I cannot get the screen to return to the initial frame- I tried action scripting, too, and apparently do not know enough to get that accomplished

VIDEO: The video is of my youngest daughter, Morrigan, after having lost her second tooth a few weeks ago. We call the holes created by the departed tooth either "straw holes" or "spaghetti holes"-- in this instance, it's a spaghetti hole.

SOUND: Monty Python rules! This clip, if you do not know, comes from the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

VISUAL: This is a photo I took of some peonies in our back yard last fall. I love textures and the complex colourings that occur in the fall and had to snap this one.

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