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L595: High Tech Learning

Fiesta 3

It took me quite a bit of time to decide what to do then to actually be able to do it. Once I had done it, it took me even longer to find time to get it done- reading voiceover is more difficult than it sounds.

I have always loved to go to Christy Woods on Ball State campus and have known about the orchid greenhouse for some time but had never gone. I took this opportunity to visit the greenhouse and do something I can potentially work into an online video "splash page" for them.

I shot the video on a DV camcorder then edited it in iMovie on my laptop. I took the text from the Wheeler Collection's and Christy Woods web pages then edited them together to make the narrative dialogue that i read over the video. I recorded the narrative in Audacity, exported them as .wav files, then imported them into iMovie.

I had made and edited movies in iMovie before but had never edited sound into the video. I actually had a lot of fun.

You will need QuickTime (download it now) to view the MOVIE.

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